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Husband and wife. Cassie and Rich Parente opened Clock Tower Grill in March of 2013. When opening we wanted to bring a new and different concept to our area; we did not want to be just another restaurant.

We wanted to change the mold by having fun & being more involved in our local community. While at the same time changing the way, people dine out by fighting the good fight in our broken food system.

Broken food system you may ask, what does this mean to you? Our mission is to put out a higher quality product while not always looking at the bottom-line. We are committed to serve & source as much local – sustainable – organic & GMO free as we can in our market. We are one of only two restaurants in New York listed on the good food 100, a national organization that promotes menu transparency. We find that utilizing our local farms and farmers markets are not a challenge but in fact a chance to be storytellers. We find nothing more rewarding then knowing how the food on your plate got there. You won’t find chicken franchise or refried beans on our menu, but you will find all natural, wholesome & different ingredients. Creating a unique dining experience.

We also own a farm; we are proud to be able to support the restaurant and now quaker hill. The animals we raise are pasture raised and fed quality alfalfa, hay, and if need be organic and gmo free grain. The pigs also get sustenance from surplus food produced by the grill. Additional leftovers are utilized as compost. As a result, we have exponentially cut down on the waste associated with operating a restaurant. In addition we have recently added a green house, were we plan on growing as late in to the season as possible. Giving us the ability to grow nearly year round.

Farming has been an extremely rewarding endeavor; it has also given us a new appreciation and respect for the food that we serve. We make sure that nothing goes to waste by using every cut and finding creative ways to utilize parts of the animals that are not commonly used in this area.

By working with farmers in the area, we have been able to provide a genuine farm to table experience while continuously strengthening our own understanding of the field. This knowledge enables us to optimize the quality of our meat in addition to the lives of our animals.

On that note we would also like to give a huge thank you to Q farm – JD farm, and Lisa (our amazing farm vet) for always being there for us and our livestock to answer our crazy questions at any hour of the day.